Department of Wonder is a creative collective that brings immersive experiences and intellectual property to life through emerging tech, exquisite stagecraft and aspirational storytelling.

Our Founders


Brandon Oldenburg

Founder / Head of Creative

Brandon Oldenburg is an Academy Award-winning film director, designer and immersive storyteller. In addition to winning an Academy Award, Brandon has received four Emmy Awards, multiple Cannes Lions Awards, including the Grand Prix, and a host of other industry accolades. Prior to Department of Wonder, Brandon co-founded Reel FX, Moonbot Studios and Flight School Studio, all leaders in animation and emerging technology storytelling.


Limbert Fabian

Founder / Head of Creative

Limbert Fabian is an Emmy Award-winning director, illustrator, designer, and immersive storyteller. He has directed a variety of animated projects including the Clio Award-winning “The Boy Who Learned to Fly”, a short film based on Olympian Usain Bolt’s childhood. Most notably, his directorial contribution to “The Scarecrow”, a film and game experience for Chipotle, has won every major advertising award including the Cannes Grand Prix.


Kyle Clark

Founder / President

Kyle Clark is responsible for overseeing and implementing corporate direction and strategy for Experience Trust. During his 25-year career in animation and digital media, Kyle has served in roles ranging from Animation Supervisor to CEO. He’s been involved in creating and producing films, commercials, video games and virtual reality experiences for clients and partners such as Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, American Express, Disney, GMC, AT&T, and the NBA. 


Taylor Williams

Founder / Head of Experience & Emerging Technology

Taylor Williams is an executive producer with a track record as an early adopter and award-winning innovator in emerging technologies. He has previously produced virtual reality experiences for technology partners including Oculus, Google and Facebook/Meta; brand partners including Shinola, American Express, GMC and Porsche; as well as studios Legendary, LionsGate and Fox. He brings his passion for emerging technology and superior craft to Department of Wonder.


Rickey Crum

Founder / Head of Fabrication

Rickey Crum is a professional designer, fabricator and adjunct faculty member at Southern Methodist University. Previously, he was the Lab Manager for the Deason Innovation Gym within the Lyle school of Engineering at SMU. Before joining the SMU team, he worked at CallisonRTKL where he focused on both domestic and international commercial retail and entertainment projects. Rickey values both old and new technologies, and pushes to integrate both in his work.



Theatrical Manager

Kevin Holden

Fabrication Manager

Jeremy Crum

Media Manager

Brandon Dickson

Technical Assistant

Camden Henderson


Ari Bender

Shannon Caston

Patrick Cupp

Henry Darnell

Rachel Olson

Additional Fabrication

Freddie Camacho

Brian Dumaine

Kyle Dvorak

Mitch Orcutt

Mary Pilcher


Managing Director

Jen Cadic


Julia Gibson

Tara Merritt

Sulivan Parker

Interactive Developer

Kyle Barnes

Adam Brzozowski

Laurent Horisberger

Game Design

Johnna Bearden

Concept Art

Ruby Wang

CG Artists

Melissa Gutherie

Jude Huddleston

Daniel Zinck

CG Lighting

Sungman Pyun

Technical Supervisor

Joseph Kiser

Technical Artist

David Fulton


Beavan Blocker

John Durbin

Ryan Hartsell

Audio Engineer

Frank Pittenger

Music Composer

Barrett Lewis

Media Engineering

Justin Gladd

Frank Salazar

Branding and Graphic Design

David Hummel



Aaron Alford

Andi Roberts

Chelse Tillman

Chess MacElvaine

Dano Colon

Daniel DeVous

Daniel Regojo

Dave McClain

Dillon Dewitt

Drew McCord

Gabriel Regojo

Gabrielle Hudencial

Jhonu Harris

Jonathan Gonzalez

Krystle Liggins

Maggie Maxwell

Manniah Harris

Nina Dewendt

Olivia Swasey

Steve Irish

Tyrie Wallace


Tristan Simon

Taryn Anderson

Jessica Baldwin

Wally Davis

Jacquise Johnson

Matt Ragan

Victoria Reid

Abi Subendranathan

Jessica Zuniga

Special Thanks

Mamma Crum

Weston Clark

Marta Fabian

Avec Fabian

Rever Fabian

Tezra Fabian

Martin Iorio

Stephen Vekovius

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