About Department of Wonder

Located in Sugar Land TX!

Your experience starts inside the Light Hunter's Emporium. The shop is the handy work of its proprietor, the Lamp Maker, who has traveled far and wide to perfect his light-carrying vessels. Upon arrival, you will meet his apprentice who will select the perfect lantern for you. This is your way-finder; take care of it and it will take care of you. And remember . . . the darkness can always be kept at bay when there is light at your side.

Come party with us.

Event Booking!

No matter what kind of party you’re planning, the Dept. of Wonder is the venue that will make it exceptional!

For adventurers of all ages (ages 4-104):  Have a group quest in our LAMP MAKER’S experience.  Become immersed in the story of Pherris and Noria as you and your fellow adventurers are tasked with more quests than you can possibly conquer during your time in Airioch (that’s the name of the realm you’ll be traveling to).  Perfect for BIRTHDAY PARTIES for children young and old!

For our adult adventurers only (ages 21 and up):  Bring your group for a full 90 minute experience that will test your courage, and fortitude in our AFTER DARK experience.  Taste the elixirs (cocktails and virgin cocktails) concocted by the Radiants, and quest in the now darkened realm of Airioch.  Perfect for CORPORATE EVENTS, BACHELORETTE & BACHELOR PARTIES, and ADULT BIRTHDAY PARTIES!  Or if you just want to do something truly unique and amazing with your group of friends.


STEP 1:  Email us at concierge@deptofwonder.com and start reserving your show for your group.  Please include the DATE, and TIME, how many show times you’d like to reserve, number of guests, Oh, and tell us what kind of party you’re planning (birthday, corporate event, etc.).

STEP 2:  We will send you an invoice with your total cost.  Once it’s paid your show(s) will be reserved exclusively for your group!  

STEP 3:  Be in front of Dept. of Wonder 15 minutes prior to your show’s scheduled start time.